2014 LA/LB Emergency Watchmen Hiring Process – The Emergency Watchmen's hiring process lottery draw has been completed. If you are scheduled to appear for a Pre-Screening Orientation you must present the indicated documentation.

Longshore Updates

Jul-10-15 Longshore Safety Tip No. 06-15: PCMSC Update — Steve Saggiani Rule 1525
Jul-10-15 Longshore Safety Tip No. 06-15: PCMSC 1525 Quick Reference
May-01-15 Lost Certificate Request Form: Remember if you are not an active ID Casual / Registered Longshore worker and have not worked at least 8 hours in the last year, you are not entitled to a Safety Shoe Certificate.
Apr-29-15 Longshore Safety Tip No. 05-15: Protecting Workers From Heat Stress
Apr-14-15 ILWU-PMA Savings 401k Plan SAR, 2014 (FY): This is a summary of the annual report for ILWU-PMA Savings (401(K)) Plan, Employer Identification Number 94-1126322, Plan No. 002 for the period July 01, 2013 through June 30, 2014.
Jan-27-15 401(k) Plan Vacation Pay Deferral Election Notice-2015