Payroll Bulletins

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23-Sep-13 Changes to Longshore Pay Statements : Regarding additional details visible on payroll checks and direct deposits beginning Friday September 27, 2013.
30-Nov-09 Change in Payment dates for Longshore Payroll Effective 12/15/2009 : Effective Payroll Week 51-2009: Beginning 12/15/2009 funds for L/S Payroll must be received via same day wire by 11:00 a.m. on Tuesday
22-Jun-09 2009/2010 LA/LB Mechanic Tool Assessment : New Assessment – LA/LB Mechanic Tool Voucher; New Record Layout – PMA Weekly Detail Data File
18-May-09 2008-2014 Local 26 Watchmen's Agreement : The new wage rates for the local 26 watchmen's agreement will go into effect Saturday, May 9, 2009 (payroll week 21).
20-Oct-08 San Francisco Bridge Toll Payments : $4.00 San Francisco Bridge Toll Payment is to be submitted as taxable allowance.
06-Oct-08 Subject: 2008-2014 PCL&CA and PCWB&FA Agreements : The new wage rates as set forth in the PCL&CA and PCWB&FA memorandums of understanding are scheduled to go into effect 8:00 am Saturday October 4, 2008.
06-Oct-08 TO: Northern California Direct Employers - Subject: 2008-2014 Local 75 Watchmen’s Agreement : Subject: 2008-2014 Local 75 Watchmen’s Agreement
02-Jun-08 Operations Codes, Cargo Categories, Vessel Numbers and Names