TWIC Update

To: All West Coast Registered and Casual Longshoremen
Date: 12/23/2008
Subject: TWIC Update

This provides an update on the ongoing implementation of the TWIC program.

The Coast Guard will enforce the federal mandate for all longshoremen clerks, foremen/walking bosses and casuals working on marine terminals to be in possession of their Transportation Worker Identification Credential (TWIC) on the following ‘GO LIVE’ dates in each port.

San Diego:  December 30th 2008
Oakland/San Francisco/Stockton:  February 28th 2009
Seattle/Tacoma/PNW: February 28th 2009
Portland/Longview/Vancouver: February 28th 2009
Los Angles/Long Beach/Port Hueneme:  April 14th 2009

The Coast Guard will instruct terminal operators and owners to deny access to workers who do not have a TWIC after the ‘GO LIVE’ date. Those workers that do not have a TWIC after the ‘GO LIVE’ date in each port will be denied access to the terminal for work.

All are urged to enroll for their TWIC at least 8 weeks in advance of the ‘GO LIVE’ date. Processing once enrolled may take 6 to 8 weeks or more.

For more information, visit the TWIC Website at or call 1-866-347-TWIC (8942).