Notice of Nonelective PMA (Employer) 401k Contributions

ILWU-PMA Savings (401(k)) Plan
Notice of Nonelective PMA (Employer) Contributions
Plan Year Ending June 30, 2009

Notices of the 2009 contribution were recently mailed to each participant’s address on record with PMA Payroll.

If you are eligible to receive a Nonelective PMA (employer) contribution, it will be transmitted to Fidelity Investments with an effective date of July 24, 2009 (not 2008 as mentioned in the notice).

Your contribution is based on eligible hours worked from payroll week #28 ending July 4, 2008 to payroll week #28, 2009 ending July 3, 2009.

If you did not establish a pension qualifying year for 2008, you are ineligible to receive a Nonelective PMA (employer) contribution.